March 2, 2012

Friday Giveaway: Studded Headband!

Holy mother of all things glitter, I am hosting my first Giveaway! 
Super exciting stuff happening over here. 

Who wants a studded headband?! YOU want a studded headband!
(In my head, that was delivered in the Oprah voice, but you can read it however you wish. Just thought I would make my intentions clear.) 
Look at this beaut: 
Studs in your hair. Nothing could be better. It's gold, it's violent, it's awesome. 

To win the studded headband, please take the following steps:
2. Tweet at me your favorite craft supply and with the hash-tag #StuddedGiveaway OR tell me your favorite craft supply on my Facebook wall. 
My giveaways are easy.

I will chose the winner at random. Y'all have ONE WEEK to enter. I will announce the winner next Friday! 

This giveaway is closed. The winner is Hannah Lorraine who follows my page on Facebook! Whoop!

It's almost the weekend! Go dance!

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Bonjour Beaut said...


I did the above , as your Twitter has probably already shown you .

I am currently having a giveaway (exciting stuff Pop by and join in : ]

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