March 15, 2012

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Things I do whilst neglecting you:
This animation would imply magic and/or holding the universe in my hand. [via]
That is not what I have been doing. 
This is:
  • Drinking. My usual "I can't hang tonight, I have to craft." excuse doesn't fly this week. 
  • Running. I fucking love to run. Especially when it's 75 degrees and sunny in New York. Go global warming! Also, I'm feeling a little fluffy around the edges. Got to whip this booty into shape! 
  • Kicking ass at my desk job. 
  • Posting shit on Etsy. YEA-YUH. I have done something remotely productive for you
    Buy things from me so that one day I can become a full time craft guru/goddess/genius/blogger/maker.

    Hey! Have you seen things on this bloggy-blog that you would like me to sell on Etsy? Tell me and I will make sure it makes it to my shop
    [you can comment below OR e-me]

    Missing you! Can't wait to post my latest and greatest - coming sooooooooon. I'll give you a little hint: word.

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    Val - A Cleaner Closet said...

    Woot! I love this blog! It is dope, just like that animation. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects!

    A Cleaner Closet
    New DIY - Silk Crop Top

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