April 13, 2012

Beauty DIY: Chevron Nails

I have a nail polish fetish, as we all learned when I made shelving units, exclusively for nail polish. 

Hold up. I know you are wondering where I have been for the past few days. 
I had the flu. It sucked. It's over. I'm back.

Stop distracting meeeeeeeeee. 

I did some nail art and got lots o' happy compliments so I decided to give you a happy lil' tutorial. 

See happy nails (and sad, sad cuticles):

1. Painter's tape from Michael's.
2. Pinking shears from Purl Soho. 
3. Assorted nail polishes. (I ended up using Essie Mint Candy Apple and Zoya Bevin.)

Step 1:
Start with clean, dry nails. 

Step 2:
Paint two coats of your base color. Let dry ALL the way. None of that "it's almost dry" dry business. 
Learn from my mistakes.  

Step  3:
Use the pinking shears to cut very thin zigzag strips of painter's tape. 

Step 4:
Tape the zigzag strips on your nails in your desired pattern. 

Step 5:
Paint over the tape with your second polish color. 

Step 6:
Remove tape. 

Fun times.
Hey, New Yorkers! Enjoy the summer-like weather hitting us this weekend! 
Boom boom boom. 


Dr. Krissy said...

Great blog! I found your site while looking for Miu Miu glitter sunglasses...I tried to make the DIY version and failed terribly! Lol. Oh well, next time =) P.S. I love Martha Stewart too!


Ulfatul Jannat Puspita said...

Lovely dyes . I love to dye nails with colorful accessories like nail polish and artificial colors and dyes. It's fashionable in many festivals. I appreciate your products. They are amazing. Lovely.

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