April 4, 2012

Flower Bead: Kapow!

Back in the day when I was dicking around studying abroad in Tel Aviv, I found myself volunteering as an arts and crafts teacher to new immigrant kiddies.

Wait. WAIT. I totally already told you this story, like, wayyyyy back in the day. (In digital time, four months is basically a life time.) I have neither the interest nor the energy to retype that shit up. 

The only additional bit of information I feel the need to share you might want is that when I learned the awesome ‘sushi roll’ fimo technique, I maybe went a little bead happy. I made so many beads. And then I made bracelets. And then I gave them to all of my best ladies as "I'll-miss-you-when-we-aren't-all-abroad-together" gifts. And then I came home and made more beads, and more bracelets, and then I sold them for boat loads of money. Then school got busy and I had to take a step away from the fimo beads. But I still have like 50 bracelets lying around my apt. I will photograph them and put on etsy shortly. I say that like it’s something that I’m actually gonna do. We’ll see. We’ll. see. 

Fast forward to now. Ima teach you bitches how to make my sacred fimo bead. Put your seatbelt on, we’re about to embrak on a wild ride. 
(Why, why do I say shit like that? The thing is, I have the power to delete that line, but I choose not to. I choose not to.)

Same as this post. Click it

Step 1:
Follow steps 1-20 of this post. CLICK IT, BITCH.

Step 2:
Continue to roll out the fimo until it is very small.

Step 3:
Take a small piece of the color used for the outer wrap and roll in your hand to make a small ball. 

Step 4:
Make several thin slices or your small roll. 

Step 5:
Stick the slices around the small ball. Roll in your hand until the ball is smooth again. 

Step 6:
Stick the push-pin through the ball. 

Step 7:
Bake the beads per the instructions on the fimo label. 

What should I do with my collection of fimo beads? Well, I always liked putting them on a stretchy string with shiny beads and wearing as an arm party. But that’s just me. You can do whatever your heart desires with your beads. Except sticking them up your nose. That’s dangerous. Fimo is not toxic, but I’m pretty sure eating it is a bad idea as well. Those are the only “no-no’s” I can think of.

No but for real, I have tons of these. So don't make them, buy them! You know where to find me. 

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