April 17, 2012

Free People Inspired Head Band

This is a post for my flower children. I have been lusting after all the Coachella pictures on the internertz. And by lusting I mean, I have been totes jeals. 

So I made a lil' flower child headband to commemorate my jealousy. 

I pulled some flower-power inspiration from the freeps. (That's short for Free People. I know the lingo 'cause I worked there in college.)
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When I smile pretty I'm just like the models, rightttttttttt!?
But a girl can dream. 

1. Fake flowers from Michael's.
2. Scissors. 
3. An elastic headband from Duane Reade.
4. A hot glue gun from Michael's.
5. A black ribbon from my grandma's craft box. 
6. Perl beads from Toho Shoji.
7. Rhinestone chain from an old rhinestone belt I used to own. (I was kewl in middle school.) 

Step 1:
Wrap each end of the ribbon around the elastic headband and glue down.

Step 2:
Prepare your flowers by cutting them off of their fake stems. 

Step 3:
Glue down some rhinestones and some pearls as a base. 

Step 4:
Glue on the flowers. 

Easy Peasy Lemon Squezy! 

An extra big danka to my amigo @petermacari for taking pretty pretty pics of moi. 
(Check it - German, Spanish, and French. All in one sentence. Booyah.)

Want it? You can buy it off of me. Eh? Ehhh? 
If you make it, send me a pretty pretty pic please!


Anonymous said...

So cute! I made one that's sort of Frida Kahlo-esque (aka big and puffy), but I love how yours looks! The rhinestones and pearls were a nice touch

Katia said...

Very very cute! I definitely want to make this once I've got some time :)


Sofia Carvalho said...

So beautiful! Love it. Thanks for sharing

Kisses from Portugal

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