April 24, 2012

Beauty DIY: Neon Rainbow French Manicure

Yeah. Say that title five time fast. 

...No, don't. I tried. It's not cute. 

Hey! I'm doing my second nail art tutorial. Giggety. 
Check out these fine nails:
"Dayummmm girl. Those are some fine nails!"
Yeah. I know. I said that just before the photo. Dude, pay attention. 

1. One color of neutral nail polish from Duane Reade.
2. A spectrum of neon nail polish from American Apparel, Birchbox (thanks!), Ricky's, and Sephora. 
3. Painter's tape from Michael's. 

Step 1:
Start with clean dry nails. 

Step 2:
Paint on 2-3 layers of your neutral polish. Let dry completely. 

Step 3:
Tape off your nail except for the tip. 

Step 4:
Paint your desired color over the exposed part of your nail. 

Step 5:
Remove tape. Repeat on the rest of yo' nails. 

And the instagram shot:

Please forgive my ugly cuticles. They don't mean to hurt your eyes. 

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