October 30, 2012

DIY Halloween Costume: Highlighter

For all parties concerned: I AM OK. 

Hurricane Sandy was a bitch of a storm but luckily Brooklyn killed it. My lights didn't even flicker for a hot second and I was able to watch the news for 24 hours straight. If I learned anything from the reports, it's that we were all supposed to die during the storm. There was a moment last night where I emailed a Chicago based friend asking what I should do if a "The Day After Tomorrow" scenario struck. (I'm a little very nervous about the world ending this December.) The asshole told me to run to battery park because no doubt Jake Gyllenhaal would be there to rescue me. That was a preposterous idea though, because Battery Park was already under water and everyone knows Jake lives in Brooklyn. 

The biggest take away from the hurricane is the re-affirmation of my most favorite mantra: Brooklyn is better. At this point, the whole tri-state area understands this too. Seriously. All my friends in lower Manhattan are fucked. And here I am, freshly showered, sipping hot coffee and blogging. SUCK IT MANHATTAN. 

In bad news - it looks like Halloween might be cancelled in NY. I'm not too upset because I have already explained to you how much I dislike the holiday, except for the drinking. And quite frankly - I think people are more into drinking during a freak storm than on a party night so it all worked out in my favori. 

Regardless - I kept my promise to make a cheap, easy, and not-slutty costume because I know not all of you live in NY/NJ/CT and some of you are actually going to celebrate the day of the dead. 

So here it is. Ladies and lady-like gentlemen: The HIGHLIGHTER COSTUME!
I really was hoping to get someone to photograph me in the outfit so you could see the full effect but, ya know, there was a hurricane. It kind of messed shit up. 

1. Black Felt from Blick. 
2. White charcoal pencil from Blick. 
3. Scissors. 
4. Safety pins. 
5. Neon pink jeans from Bloomingdale's.
6. Neon tank top from H&M. 
**NOTE: I already owned all of these materials so this is essentially a free costume. Score. 

Step 1:
Use the white pencil to outline Hi Lite on your felt. 

Step 2:
Cut out the letters. Make sure they all remained attached. 

Step 3:
Pin the letters onto the tank top. Pin from the inside to hid the pins. 

And now you are a walking, talking, breathing (but not really functioning) highlighter. 

I didn't ask to be a genius, I was simply made this way. 

Share all your awesome and appropriate DIY costumes. And remember, when it comes to Halloween, KEEP YOUR TITS IN. (And your ass, if that's what god gave you.)

On a serious note, I hope all my east coast readers are also safe and dry. My thoughts are with anyone who suffered real damage and loss. 

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