November 5, 2012

Blogger Highlight: SWELLMAYDE

I should feel really bad right now. I don't, but I should.
Why? Well. You see, I was cooped up in my apartment ALL WEEK last week due to that bitch Sandy. I had more than enough time to make so, so many wonderful things. Instead I decided to sit on my couch and eat at least 3 lunches per day. And these were no lettuce lunches, these were chubby pizza and hamburger lunches. Pretty gross, right? Also, pretty amazing.

Like I said, I should feel bad. However, I take solace it the fact that every single person I spoke to at my office did the EXACT SAME THING. Ha! We all feel like total turds. Not being the only asshole who was a complete waste of space during our gift of a free week at home makes me feel so much better. Like SO much better. I think losing routine pust us in this really lame not productive state. I'm quite glad that's over and to be back at work, although a very wise co-person reminded me that I will regret that sentiment by tomorrow. I'm not sure if I agree - but I'll keep you posted on my general attitude in the upcoming days.
If I decide to.
Who knows... I'm pretty unpredictable these days. And my followthrough is subpar. So, stay tuned either way because, ya know, you make my world go round. 

Point of that whole story is, I've got nothing for you. 
Well, not nothing. As you know, I am participating in the Renegade Brooklyn Holiday Market (come see me!) so I have a lot of cell phone cases and stuff. But you know, nothing to SHOW you. 

So, alas, we have come upon my second edition of Blogger Highlights, 
introducing SWELLMAYDE.
(Nice logo, right?)

I have pinned and tumblr'd many a projects made by the very talented, LA based, Aimee. I highly recommend this beautifully designed blog to you, miss reader-pants. (Or mister. I don't know - I just assume I have no male readers.  If you are a dude, and you are a reader, holler at a girl, and I'll keep this shit gender neutral.)

For your reading convenience, I have provided images and links to my favorite DIY projects on SWELLMAYDE below.  Eat your heart out. 

Hope you enjoy this FAAAAAAAABULOUS blog as much as I do. ^.^

Hey, have I told you lately that I LOVE YOU. 
You can let me know how mutual that feeling is on ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA! 

ALSO, before I forget, I know I generally keep things lighthearted. However, Hurricane Sandy has been hugely devastating to my dear city, state, and neighboring states. The destruction and loss is tremendous. Everyone can help those who were affected by the storm.
Check out or for ways to help out. 
K, bye. 

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