August 7, 2012

DIY Asos Bleach Heart Tee

Here's a major life question: Why buy when you can DIY? 
I know, I'm deep and shit. And I rhymed it. Like a boss.
(This was put much more eloquently in today's MR post.) 

I made the mistake of surfing the e-commerce world whilst broke and now I want all the clothes. I was drooling (only a little) about this bad-ass Asos tee:

For a hot second I thought about dropping some 30 dollars for this tee. But then I remembered that H&M sells amazing basic tees for $7.95 and I already have bleach. You know, for cleaning shit. 

So I made it myself!
Asos Bleach Heart Tee
Good work, me. Pat on the back, me. 

1. Basic black tee from H&M.
2. White chalk pencil from Blick.
3. Paint brush from Blick. 
4. Clorox from the bodega downstairs. (It smells like cat piss in there. WHY?!)

Step 1:
Draw a big beautiful heart on your tee with the white pencil. Planning is cool. Measure twice and cut once, is what I have never said. 

Step 2:
Paint the heart with bleach. Be loose with your hand to get the splatter marks. Then wait for the bleach to set in.

I did good. I did real good. And saved 20 dollars to keep my wallet nice and fat. Or just not totally empty. 




Miinaxxii said...

This is lovely, however, did you put something in the middle of your shirt or did you get this print on both the sides?

Naftali Stern said...

I am going to have to try and make a guy suitable version of this. :-)


FollowingButterflies said...

This is such a great idea, so many designs to make!

Dana said...

check out my etsy shop!

Amanda @ Eloquent English said...

So cool! I just found you through Pinterest! Love this!

Olga StarDec said...

Love this and some other of your great projects! Just found your blog and I'm really glad I did. I'm now following via Bloglovin' so I won't miss a thing.
Love, Olga

Melissa Brickman said...

You are awesome! Is it okay if I make funky kids clothing out of this? Pretty please?

melissa blight said...

How cool are they! You should do some baby clothing next time!

Fran said...

i'm game.

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