August 14, 2012

Coastermatic: Instagram to coasters

Anyone who follows me on twitter knows that I'm a little bit of an Instagram whore. Just a little bit.
...But kind of a lot. 

That's why I basically shit my pants when I found this awesome company, Coastermatic. The Brooklyn based team (Yay! Go Brooklyn! Go local!) takes your Instagram photos and print them on coasters. Hence, Coatermatic. Eh? Eh?

This really hit a note with me for a few reasons:
1. One major piece of feedback you lovely readers have offered is. "OMG, LOVE IT! But I could never make it." And while I do believe you could make anything you put your mind to (especially with my awesome tutorials), I understand that starting to craft is overwhelming. Coastermatic offers a 'clean' and 'digital' version of DIY. Rad, right? 
2. Like I said, I am an Instagram whore. Anything that brings instagram into my physical world is tops in my book.

And look that them!


Each of the images I chose is of a special location in my life.
Awwwwww, tender.

The product is super high quality. I was not expecting such solid, weighty coasters for the very reasonable cost. (Only $25 for 4 of these puppies. Pretty good. Pret-ty good.) 

And check out the bottom side:
Mmmmm. Felt.

And check out the side-by-side:


When I reached out to the Coastermatic team about featuring them here and they were overwhelmingly nice.  I was so pleased to be working with great people. Nothing like supporting a budding local business with enthusiastic and talented people. Tom and Tash are the brain children behind this awesome company. Tash wanted me to point out that the two of them are hoping to leverage technology  to enhance experiences at home. They also want to help us have more creative control to customize our space, like updating a generic piece of Ikea furniture. Dude. It was as if she was speaking to my soul... Cue the lace book case and the starry TV stand.

On top of all of this goodness, the site interface is really great. No image uploading necessary. Just follow the easy steps to sign in with your Instagram, select your photos, and check out. Boom. Beautifully designed, user friendly, and not a single bug encountered. Bravo, guys. The hardest part was choosing wich photos to use!

The point of my ramblings is, Coastermatic is a super idea and and even superer (yeah) company. I wish them lots of luck as they grow! Make sure to hit their site, check out their blog, and follow them on twitter and Instagram. (Duh).

And, as pointed out on their site, if you don't love coasters, these are some really awesome other options for Intagram inspired products:
And lots more here

*I was not paid to write this post. The opinions expressed are my own. 

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