July 30, 2012

DIY Bow Earrings

Welp. It's Monday. And I'm still recovering from Saturday night. 
Yeahsies. Bring on the coffee. 

In epically awesome news:
I have so much to share!! Sadly, I have spent so much time making shit, that I haven't had any time to photograph or write. But you should only know about all of the awesome DIY tutorials coming your way. I'm pretty much using this blog as an excuse to make my perfect fall wardrobe. Get excited. It's gonna be t-shirt heaven for the next few weeks. Cause who doesn't love a good t-shirt?! 
"Awesome t-shirts suck!" said no one ever. 

Anyways, in the mean-time-in-between-time, I made these adorably precious earrings:
In really super sad news, I have developed an intolerance to anything but sterling silver and gold in my ears. 
Who wants these? Cause however adorably precious, my ears are too delicate. 
Womp, womp. 

1. E6000 Glue from M&J.
2. Earring posts from Michael's.
3. Mini bows from M&J.

Step 1:
Put some glue on the earring post. 
Check out my beautiful hang nail. Yum. I know you wanna lick it. JK. Kind of. 

Step 2:
Place the bow on the glue. Let dry for 24 hours. (Another sexy thumb shot. Come get it, boys.)

Seriously, though. I can't wear them. My stupid ears reject them.
So these are yours for the buying. Only ten dollars (plus shipping and shit depending on location.) E-mail me if you are interested. I would love for these to find a home on someone else's ears. 




Clever Wench said...

You may want to check out this page:


The company does many products for metal-sensitive ears, my friend swears by this L'Protect. Hope it works for you.

Ravi Tastic said...

You should paint all earing posts and backs (and any parts that come into contact with the skin) with nail varnish, this creates a barrier so you shouldn't have a reaction to the metal...

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