August 30, 2012

DIY Rhinestone Cat-eye Sunglasses

Hi, friends. Sorry about being all absent and shit. I was tending to really important things. Like my social life...

It's only been a week... ish. And a fun one at that. Also, advanced apologies BUT don't expect too much goodness next week. It's a holiday weekend and I plan to celebrate. On a boat. Tooooooooooot. 
Got to get that sun while it's out. Winter is coming....

On that note, I made some bomb-ass-fantastic rhinestone sunnies:

What's more?! The inspiration for this craft came from a photograph in a MAGANIZE. Not even a digital magazine. One with real pages. That I turned with my phalanges. WHOA. 
(Let's also take a moment to appreciate my awesome use of 'phalanges' in the previous sentence.)
I even took a digital photograph of my physical magazine inspiration:
I think this was from NYLON, but I can't be sure because I ripped this page out months ago. (Can you say 'HOARDERRRRR!') The original mag is hopefully in a recycling facility somewhere, if the recycling bins at my work place are in fact recycling bins, and not just regular trash bins disguised in green to make us employees stop bitching about killing all the trees. 

Regardless of the origin of the above image, or the whereabouts of my work-week paper waste, I made my own version of the above awesome sunnies. And you can too. 

(Sorry about the shitty picture, I did this late night and my flash was being a bitch. You know. Photography problems.)
1. E6000 Glue from M&J.
2. Giant back of rhinestones from Michael's
3. Cat eye sunnies from H&M.

Place a small amount of glue on the back of the rhinestone and then place on the sunglasses. Repeat until the top rim of the glasses is covered. 


Hey! Have you made any awesome DIY sunnies this summer?!
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