May 2, 2012

Bow Crafting: Rope Bow Necklace

A couple of months ago I bought the totally rad product that is Martha Stewart Fabric Stiffener.
Until now, I had never used it.
Until now. 

You all know what a kick I get out of making shit with materials from The Home Depot. This amusement stems from my Jewish let's-call-the-handyman-to-hang-this-painting mentality. I feel super savvy for my ability to navigate The Home Depot, a skill that is not actually a skill at all. You can only imagine how psyched I was when I made this freaking adorable bow necklace using some rope I had bought at the home depot a few months before.


1. Martha Stewart Fabric Stiffener from Michael's.
2. Silver spray paint from Michael's.
3. Scissors.
4. Gold chain from Toho Shoji.
5. Metal loops from Toho Shoji.
6. Lobster clasp from Toho Shoji. 
7. Rope from The Home Depot. 
8. Pliers from a local hardware store. 

Step 1:
Dip your rope in the fabric stiffener.

Step 2:
While still wet, tie a bow with the rope. Set down to dry. 

Step 3:
Once dry, trim the bow. 

Step 4:
Spray paint the bow silver. Once dry, use pliers and metal loops to attach the gold chain and lobster clasp.

I'm a regular fake silver smith. 
You know what they say, "Fake it till you make it." 
Fake it and make it I did. 

E-me if you want it. 
E-me if you love me.

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Katia said...

That's really cool! I love that it almost looks like a fancy silver chain bow with the spray paint!


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