May 23, 2012

Spiked Sunnies

Memorial day weekend is upon us and that means two things:
1. 4 day weekend. WHAT WHATTTTT! (Thank you, work place, for the extra day off. I love you.)
2. I will be hiding from the sun while simulaneously basking in it. That means SPF 80 (true sotry), big hats, and SUNNIES

I also intend to scare away any potential conversation with this violent pair:
Who wouldn't want studs for eyebrows?! 
And yes, I am pretending that I'm British and calling them 'Sunnies.' If you don't like it, you can leave! (Except please stay. Please. I love you.

I feel very lady gaga about these. I can so see her wearing a much more intense version. It's all very "ra-ra-ah-ah-ah ga-ga-oh-la-la," if you know what I mean. 

1. E6000 glue from M&J.
2. Sunglasses from H&M.
3. Spikes from M&J.

Step 1:
Use the E6000 to glue the spikes onto the glasses.

Step 2:
Repeat across the top rim. Let dry for 24 hours. 


Julieta V said...

these sunnies rock!!!! I love your blog, following you now :D

xoxo Juliet

xx Macie said...

DEFINITELY going to make these, thaaaanks. :)

amen fashion xo.

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