May 31, 2012

Varsity T

I found these fun lil' T-shirts on Net-A-Porter a few weeks back. 

My inner monologue went as follows:
"Oh. That's super cute. I can totes make that." Followed by flashing images of M&J's varsity letter section. Yes. I have the store visually memorized. 
And then I pulled a Barney Stintson and was all "Challenge accepted!" even though no one had actually challenged me. Also, the "Challenge accepted!" part was out loud. Scared some coworkers. It must be entertaining to sit near me. Or horribly, horribly annoying. I choose to believe that my I-love-Martha-Stewart-and-glitter rants are endearing, but I could be very very wrong about that. 

Anyways, I was being for real serious about the "Challenge accepted!" remark and I made it:
It's pretty much the exact same thing, I think. Except the fancy version is 75 dollars and mine could not have been more than 15. 

1. T-shirt from H&M.
2. Varsity letter from M&J.
3. E6000 glue from M&J.

Step 1:
Add some glue to the back of the varsity letter. 

Step 2:
Place the varsity letter in your desired position on the t-shirt. 

Boom. Designer t-shirt. 
I'm just bad-ass like that. 

Love, questions, and requests here.

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Me said...

i love it! can i use regular fabric glue instead of e6000?

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