May 7, 2012

Virtual Shoe DIY

Good news. I have some supa-fly crafty tutorials coming your way this week. (Think studded hearts and metallic silver.) I am also participating in a focus group and getting a crispy 100 dolla bill for my input. All that money is going directly to M&J, where I plan to replenish my very hungry craft closet.

In other fun news, I found this pretty rad site where you can custom design a pair of shoes! It's virtual DIY. No fuss, no muss (and no mess). The only issue is that the product is hella expensive. I suppose 280 dollars is the price we pay for custom-made shit. 

I designed a sleek white snake skin wedge:
I don't know. Lately I am obsessed with wearing solid black, white, and metallic silver. I can't stop. I won't stop. 
And I actually 100% know why. I follow the lovely Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetic and her style is rubbing off on me. Loves it. 

So what shoe would you virtually DIY? Clicky clicky here to get designin'.

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