June 15, 2012

Styled by Tori Spelling

Hidey ho, crafterinos! 
I'm back.  

I have been super excited to share today's post with all y'all. The lovely team at Styled by Tori Spelling sent me copious amounts of ultra-rad DIY jewelry supplies:
Above are the boho and noir collections. Thanks Tori!!

The pieces can be mixed and match to create endless necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Check this out:

It's a crafty revolution.
I decided to take one of the Styled by Tori Spelling pieces and mix it with my own materials to make something new. Cha-ching.

Ladies and... ladies. I made this pretty pretty hand-piece with a Styled by Tori noir necklace bottom:

1. Pliers from Toho Shoji.
2. Silver chain from Michael's.
3. Silver jumps from Michael's.
4. Ring base from Toho Shoji. 
5. Clasp from Michael's.
6. Styled by Tori Spelling Noir necklace bottom.
7. E6000 glue from M&J.

Step 1:
Use the pliers and jumps to attach chain to the sides of the necklace bottom. 

Step 2:
Glue the ring base to the tip of the necklace bottom. Let dry overnight.

Boom. Hand-piece. 
(Thanks to my pretty lady Ashleigh for being a very handy hand model.)

Styled By Tori Spelling jewelry is available at Michaels and Jo-Ann. Pieces may vary by store. Be sure to follow Styled by Tori Spelling on twitter @styledbyts for more crafty goodness.

**I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Darice and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.**


Erin said...

Jesus Tori's been whoring herself out! I really like how you reused the necklace for something much, much more original!
Erin @ Thanks, I Made It

xx Macie said...

I love thiiiiiis.

amen fashion xo.

Bromeliad said...

Wow. Love your innovative use of a necklace.

Katrine - make it and fake it said...

Holly MAMA!!! that is a ton of stuff!!!! I love the bracelet you made out of it!!

Man, I am thrilled that i just found your blog! (and totally envious that your pliers have pink handles...!)

love K

Amy Anderson said...

Oh, that's kinda fun! Love the bracelet to necklace! Looking to see what else I can turn into a bracelet!

Heather - Dollarstorecrafts.com said...

I LOVE it!! So pretty and striking. Great job!

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