June 28, 2012

Studded Bikini Top

It's bathing-suit season, and I've got to keep up my post-vacation Mediterranean tan. I'm usually more vampire-ish about my sunning habits, but when my skin reaches this level of brownness there is only one option: keep it going darker. 
(Major Lazerrrrr. Anyone? ANYONE?)

The issue: I have maybe one good bathing-suit (because I usually avoid being naked in front of Mr. Sun). Solution: Buy more bathing-suits. Crafty solution: Cover it in studs. 

So I made this bomb-ass studded dream of a bikini top:
Tres chic, oui? 

I totally stole this idea from an adorable boutique I passed one night in Tel Aviv:
Not the best image but you get the idea. 
I was inspired and shit. Whatever. Let's move on. 

1. Black bikini top from Victoria's Secret. 
2. Studs from M&J.
3. E6000 glue from M&J.

Step 1:
Add some glue to the back of a stud. 

Step 2:
Place the stud on the bikini top. Repeat in your desired pattern. 

I know what I'm wearing to my 4th of July picnic in Central Park. Not very patriotic but, hey, neither am I.

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