September 14, 2012

DIY Grunge Tank

I know, it's been a while
But no one is enjoying September as much as I am. This month is my favorite of the months, and not just because I am a September baby. (September 22nd guys, in case you want to buy me presents and shit.) I like crispy air and new beginnings and change and birthday cake and presents and everything else about September. My second favorite hobby to crafting (running) is fun again. There's New York Fashion Week, which means absolutely nothing to me except that all of the beautiful people in the world are here. There has been a lot of excellent content and inspiration around the interwebs. And for reasons beyond my comprehension, I have a burning desire to BUY ALL THE CLOTHES. All I'm saying is, September is the tits and everyone knows it. 

On a completely unrelated note, I am supa 'cited that 90s grunge is making a comeback. Who doesn't love a healthy dose of plaid? There is nothing better then a hipster Jesus dude wearing a plaid shirt and glasses. Bonus points if he's not a pretentious ass-wipe. Ya feel me?

And, tying September (birthday) in to 90s grunge: For my birthday I asked my bad-ass parents for a moto leather jacket to complete my fall uniform; [immitation] Keds, black skinny jeans, a tee, and a leather jacket. I have it on good authority that my wish will come true, but I won't know for sure until next Saturday. 

In the mean-time-in-between-time, I am collecting and creating as many rad-sicle (new word I made up: Rad x Popsicle. Eh? Eh? I don't know, it just happened...) tees as possible. For examples, the tie tee, the heart tee, and, my personal favorite, the three wolf tee

And to add to my collection: A ripped up grunge tank.
Boom. Instacool. (Another new word. Instantly x Cool. This one works.) 

1. Loose tank from H&M.
2. Sharp sculpting tool. (Stole it from the NYU ceramics studio. Not sorry about it.)

My babe Lola was all like, "Mama, pls stop making shit and pay attention to me. Pls."
And I was like, "No." 
JK, I loved on her for a while because this face is just too fucking cute. 
Another side note, bitch is finally getting fat! It's so good.

Step 1:
Poke a hole through your tank near the seam. 

Step 2:
Use your finger[s] to stretch out the ripped fabric. 
(My original instructions for this step sounded dirty. I worked really hard to make this sound PG. Removing the word 'hole' did the trick.)

Step 3:
Repeat in clusters around your tank until it is fashionably deconstructed and grungy. 

Grungy, amirite? 



Angela Marie said...

Yes! Grungy and I love it. The color is also a great one, i'll definitely have to try this :)

Angela @ The Lovely Cup

xx Macie said...

yessss, i've been wanting a good tutorial on how to grungify. also, i am a huge sucker for your exposed brick wall.

amen fashion xo.

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