July 2, 2012

Neon and Metallic Bracelets

Calling all arm parties! I have an easy addition to your... party.
Check out this neon and metallic dream on my wrist:
(Also check out my vacation-bronzed skin tones. NBD)
It's like everything I love in the world coming together. (Neon and metallic, duh.)
...I do recognize at this point that I need to work on my "things I love" category. 

Here's the kicker, I can't even begin to describe how easy these were to make. 
Oh.... wait... I can. Mostly because that's what I do. On this blog. Sometimes the pieces just fall into place, ya know what I mean? 

1. Hot glue gun from Michael's.
2. Pliers from Toho Shoji. 
3. Metal cones from Toho Shoji. 
4. Jumps from Toho Shoji.
5. Clasp from Toho Shoji. 
6. Leather cords from M&J. 

Step 1:
Use the pliers to attach jumps and clasp to the cones. 

Step 2:
Fill the cone halfway with some hot glue. 
SIDE NOTE You might want to hold the cone with tweezers, because metal conducts heat and shit. I'm pretty immune to hot glue burns at this point, but I'm just sayin' - be careful, friend.  Crafting injuries can be prevented if we take the necessary precautions. 

Step 3:
Place the tip of the leather cord into the cone. Just the tip. That's what she said! Ba da bum chhhh. 
Oh man, I should not be allowed to write. 

But really, was that not the easiest thing to make ever? It would be a challenge to fuck it up. 

*le me, looking like a sad ass clown. 

Hey! The 80's called. They want that stupid hair-do back. AYOOOOOO. 



Erin said...

Looks great stacked up! I saw that cord at M&J too-- love it!
Erin @ Thanks, I Made It

Katia said...

Ouuu so simple and easy to make, but it looks so rawkin! Love this


Viève said...

I absolutely lolled in my cubicle at your "that's what she said" moment - mostly because I feel like we jinxed each other by thinking it at the same time. No big deal.

Also, wicked hairfro - I'm 98% serious.

make more stuff! Preferably studded and spiked lady stuff!

Betsy J said...

Hey! You! It's been like, 20 days! Come back so I can be jealous of you and stuff!

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