December 13, 2012

DIY Hardware Necklace

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal! 
Your gift this year is two DIY posts in one week. (I know I'm like 2 weeks early, but 'tis the season... right? Plus, Hannukah is happening RIGHT NOW, so...)
Remember the days when I had the time and ability to post 5 times a week?! Old times were good times. 
But new times aren't so bad. I mean... I have a life these days, and that's pretty cool. Definitely not mad about that.

Last time we met, I told you about my adventures in the Home Depot. I failed to mention that in addition to plumbing parts, I also purchased some small pieces of hardware that caught my eye. Yes, sometimes hardware catches my eye. No, I do not think this is peculiar, hardware jewelry is in and I'm on the train.
Get with it, guys.  

I used one variety of such items to create this radsicle geometric necklace:
(Can we make 'radsicle' a thing? Please?!)
Ya, I know. It looks good. 

And, ya, that is a nebulae backdrop. I got this excellent book at The Strand called 'Far Out: A Space and Time Chronicle' and now it is my favorite thing in the entire world ever. It's a coffee table book featuring images of all the nebulae and it makes me so super happy. Let me describe how I feel when I open this book using a rage face:
Ya, it's like that. 

1. A package of 11/2" Flat Corner Braces from the Home Depot. 
2. Silver chain from Michael's.
3. Silver jumps from Michael's. 
4. Silver clasp from Michael's.
5. Pliers from Toho Shoji. 

Step 1:
1. Cut two small pieces of silver chain. 

Step 2:
Use the pliers and the jumps to attach one side of each chain to the outer holes of the hardware pieces. 

Step 3:
Attach two longer pieces of chain to each outer hole of the top hardware piece. 

Step 4:
Connect a metal jump to the other end of one of the long chain pieces and the clasp to the second. 

Be my friend, yo. 


AngelaBeth said...

So I've been blog stalking you for quite some time now and think you're pretty rad but that coffee table book seals the deal that I think we would be friends in real life. I totally just made my desktop background this (and yes, you're welcome to copy me hah):

AD+SH said...

Such a cool necklace xx

Diana Marks said...

great DIY!
If you want, let's follow each other on Bloglovin.
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OLIVIA said...

This is fresh! I love it
Come back and make more posts soon though please!!

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