About Me!

Hey, guys!!!! It is SO awesome to meet you. My name is Melissa and I will be your crafting guide!

A little bit about me: I like to consider myself similar to my homegirl Martha Stewart. Except I'm a poor, messy, and a little bit eccentric twenty-something living in a shoebox in Brooklyn. These are some big differences. And, you know, that's a good point. But hey, I'm crafty and I love glitter. So there's that.

Other really boring stuff about me: I have always been a crafty lady. In high school I spent my Saturdays at FIT learning how to sew and make clothes. I thought fashion was my destiny. After some encouragement from my art teacher, I took to the fine arts and eventually went to NYU to study studio art with a concentration in painting. In my final year at NYU I spent a lot of my free time making crafty items. That's when I realized my true passion. And here we are today, crafting together like it's our job. (I oh so badly want this to be my job.)

I have a cat and her name is Lola. She likes to be involved in my crafting so you can look forward to seeing her all over this blog. She can be a bitch sometimes. Just sayin'.
Here she is, giving me her best bitch face:

And here she is being unreasonably cute:

For money I work in advertising. No, not in the creative department where I belong. By day I am a digital janitor (my clever way of letting you know that I maintain a website) and by night a bad-ass craft blogger. 

You want to know more about me?! Well, I'm flattered, and I will (probably) be happy to answer your questions. e-me anytime.